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Seasonal Varietal • Infused • Creamed

From Bee to Bottle, our Beloved Honeybees and Award Winning Honeys are tended with care.
Enjoy our Florida Seasonal Varietals, Infusions, and Creamed Honeys,
all Raw & Unfiltered, & Pollen Retained.

We use Glass and PET (BPA Free) Plastic Packaging for all our Honey, accept for our HDPE Pour Gallon Jug.
We are mindful of our impact/footprint on the environment, please reuse/recycle.

Bee Pollen & Body Care

We select offerings of Hive Products from the Beekeepers and Earth Keepers who provide us with the quality we want for ourselves, and love sharing them with you.

Beeswax Candles

Beautiful candles made from the beeswax our bees lovingly create.

Fresh Royal Jelly

Local Pick-Up Only.

Bee Supplies

Quality supplies for successful beekeeping.